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A comfortable, pleasant, and healthy floor for children

How can flooring impact your family’s health?

When you walk on overly hard floors, the impact on your heel is very intense, and that causes you to produce energy that goes from your feet up, leading your whole body to vibrate.

At first, this effect might seem harmless, but the truth is that, over time, this vibration leads you to accumulate tension, and your muscles end up suffering the consequences.

But that’s not all. The flooring you choose also has an impact on the air quality inside your home, which is now more important than ever.

Certain materials, such as carpet, foment the spread of dust, allergens, and even chemical agents that neither children nor adults should breathe. Others, such as hardwood, are more likely to develop problems related with infestations, such as termites and require an expensive and regular maintenance.

Additionally, most types of flooring do not adapt to the season’s natural temperatures. Some remain hot all year long while others are always cold, which can be a problem if your child loves to walk around barefoot.

Cork floors: The safest flooring option

Did you know that in Germany people traditionally use cork floorings in their children’s bedrooms? The reason is simple - there are countless benefits linked with this flooring material:

  • Comfort

Cork is a soft material and that makes it a great option for rooms where children spend a lot of their time. The cushioned quality of cork will prevent them from experiencing any discomfort or even pain on their feet.

  • Natural thermal insulation

Cork has natural insulation properties, which means that this type of flooring always has the ideal temperature for anyone to walk barefoot, no matter what season it is. It will also help to maintain a regular temperature all year round. This isn’t the case with other commonly-used flooring types, such as vinyl or ceramic, which makes it a strong selling point.

  • Acoustic insulation

Cork is made of millions of tiny chambers, which are filled with air and work as an acoustic barrier between rooms. In other words, cork flooring allows you to insulate any room, both from noise and vibrations, helping you to relax or focus on your work.

  • Resistance to impact

Due to its softness, this type of flooring has a cushioning effect, protecting your children when they fall. This means that your little ones can run around as much as they want, and you don’t have to worry about potential injuries and runs to the doctor.

  • Resistance against harmful agents

Cork is resistant to many factors that can harm your family’s health, including mold, mildew or termites. Additionally, this material has antibacterial properties and Wicanders floors are hypoallergenic.

  • Indoor Air Quality

Wicanders floors have several indoor air quality certificates, which stand for our commitment to provide well-being in every room.

Wicanders Cork Go

Cork is undoubtedly an excellent flooring material for any family home. And Wicanders offers a wide variety of flooring options, with different visuals: cork, wood and stone, all with cork incorporated and the undoubted comfort provided by this incredible material.

Designed to be an easy and practical floor, Wicanders Cork Go is a sustainable floating solution that is ideal for residential use. With a double cork layer in its structure, it takes advantage of the thermal and acoustical benefits of cork, while providing an outstanding comfort even when walking barefoot.

Choosing Wicanders cork flooring is putting your family’s well-being first, ensuring that each step taken in your house is as pleasant and healthy as possible.

Do you want to know where to find Wicanders Cork Go? Check out our dealer locator and find the nearest shop!

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