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What does your office floor say about your company?

On a subliminal and almost unconscious level, the floor of the office where you welcome your customers and which you share with other employees says a lot about your company. Why?

The psychology of colours teaches us that the shades we observe in the decoration of spaces we inhabit can have a significant impact on the emotional well-being of those who use them: when our eyes focus on a colour, chemicals are released into our brain that affect us both physically and emotionally. Colour increases or decreases our sense of tiredness and can help us relax or concentrate. What about texture?

Texture adds a physical dimension to colour! The way a soft, warm texture feels against our body in the winter or how a cold texture feels fresh and divine in the summer are perceived as feelings of pleasure that translate into psychological and behavioural effects.

The textures of a hard or soft floor, with a stone or wood visual, combine to add a unique dimension and character to every space. You don’t believe it? Let us show you how some of the biggest companies translate their own personality through their flooring:


The Entertainer

If style, charm and sophistication fit your company like a glove, Wicanders' Cork Essence Originals Character (cork) and Basque Slate (stone visual) cork floors are ideal for expressing your personality. 

Through unique designs and formats in line with modern interior design trends, the Özgüven Architecture Inc. offices in Ankara combined spaces full of charm with the unique comfort of cork. A reduction in footstep noise by up to 53%, unrivalled walking comfort and optimized temperature all year round created this alluring and inviting workspace.


The Eco-Friendly

Greenpeace's headquarters in Madrid reflect the sustainability ideals associated with the organisation. After all, how could it not? But sustainability is not the only characteristic associated with the name Greenpeace: Durability, resistance or exigency are adjectives we find in the operations and people who represent the organisation. Therefore, it is not surprising that the materials chosen had a low ecological impact in mind. With a Life Cycle Analysis comprehension, our cork floorings were chosen for the flooring of the headquarters. The office now benefits from our natural and unique visuals, in particular the flooring cork Essence Fashionable Glacier


The Digital

Shopify defines itself by creating unique possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses in the online market - opening up borders, creating space and giving everyone the opportunity to succeed through their individuality. 

On the other hand, Farfetch has a workspace in its own image: unconventional and given to small luxuries - employees can enjoy a series of areas with arcade games, ping-pong, Playstation, concerts, mini-golf, bar or even tree houses and nap spaces. The open space office is large and full of plants, which enhances the daily energetic life of the company.

The Frozen Oak and Fashionable Cement solutions are ideal for translating the personality of these two digital giants into texture and atmosphere: resistance, performance, walking comfort and acoustic insulation provided by cork guarantee that, in each space, employees can enjoy a break, make a video call or work in a quieter environment with superior air quality.


The one that inspires trust

Companies like Fidelidade are defined by their longevity, solidity and safety. It is no coincidence that its workers are then surrounded by a cocoon-like structure, which embraces and protects by means of a central element: the cork flooring and wall coverings made by Amorim Cork Flooring.

With these inspiring examples in mind, take the opportunity to transform your workspace in the best way possible, creating an environment that reflects your image and transports your customers and employees into a world of their own. You can use our floor simulator to try out different ideas and of course: we are always available to answer any questions you may have through our contact form. 

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