9 Years

The period of time between each cork oak harvest

No trees are damaged

Or cut down


direct and indirect jobs are created by the cork industry

CO₂ retention

For each ton of cork produced, the cork oak forest retains up to 73 tons of CO₂

Cork Harvesting

Is one of the highest paid agricultural jobs in the world

200 years

The average lifespan of a cork oak tree


Inspired by Nature, Wicanders represents a unique balance between the creation of innovative products and the protection of the environment.

Wicanders flooring solutions are based on cork, the outer bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus Suber L.), a slow growing tree from the Mediterranean region with a lifespan of over 200 years, that plays a central role in the environmental, social and economic development of this region.

Cork is removed every nine years, without ever cutting or damaging the cork oak tree. Cork harvesting is an activity that requires experience and high skills and often passes from generation to generation.

As a raw material, cork is one of the most extraordinary materials, with natural properties that technology hasn’t yet been able to replicate. A natural thermal and acoustic insulator, elastic, compressible, resistant to high temperatures and impermeable to liquids and gases. When used in flooring, cork will provide the most amazing benefits, elevating any space to a whole new level of comfort.

84 %

of Wicanders products have more than 80% of renewable and recycled content.

96 %

The percentage of renewable and recycled content of Wicanders Essence ranges.

Amazing Nature

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